We Are Data • 2021 –

DS1, JB1, MV1, NB1, TR1, VS1, AS1, GJ1, KM1, NL1, LR1, CR1, NV1, AV1, PT1, RD1, TH1, BL1, FG1, MD1, TL1, MO1, KP1, KP2, TK1, JH1, BB1, AK1, DL1, KV1, PM1, OS1, NV2, QV1, DS2, RM1, TS1, TT1, VS2, GJ2 (2021-2022)
acrylic on paper • 21×29,7cm

In the digital age of now, humans are neither represented by brushstrokes, ink nor figures on a light-sensitive emulsion, but by a collection of square pixels. Tiles of data that can be viewed on backlit screens

The “We Are Data” series of painted portraits explores the dramatic changes in portraiture over the past decades. The ongoing series began in 2021 and consists of 40 acrylic paintings on 21 x 29.7 cm paper. The faces depicted were indiscriminately copied from social media and compressed into binary to reveal the raw data beneath, while maintaining the anonymity of the subjects. A second version of this artwork was created by using JPEG compression artifacts to render the images in macroblocks with the assistance of an airbrush, thus preserving the digital quality of the images while more accurately capturing the likeness of the subjects.

A selection of 64 designs from the first version have been engraved on a slate tablet using a laser, in order to compile, reproduce and rematerialise the digitised figures. Intended to be a manufactured ruin, this stone publication was buried in soil in an undisclosed location in South Holland. The subjects depicted on it are intended to be immortalised for as long as the stone tablet (and its reproductions) remain in existence.

VLTN1 (2022)
acrylic on canvas • 40x60cm