(im)material ruins exhibition (2023)
Video preface/introduction: Federico Campagna
Guest editor: Stanisław Liguziński
Curation: Martina Raponi, Belle Phromchanya, Eden Mitsenmacher
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

The production of cultural artifacts, which go beyond what is immediately visible and transcend linear and finite notions of time, serves to document our present and provide a testament to future generations. Through this process, we can create a real-time record of our current society that will persist beyond the scope of our own lives.

Doomed (2023)
42×59,4cm digital print on 160grs luster paper

This artistic research project examines the materiality of cultural artifacts in times of crisis. The focus was on engaging with different media, such as printed matter, sound, and the virtual realm of the metaverse, to explore how these objects can be manipulated to move away from their traditional form and discourse toward the ruins of destroyed meaning. Through the analysis of the basic unit of the digital world, the pixel, it was possible to analyze the ways in which the artworks can be interrupted, distorted, and interacted with, in order to create new meanings and interpretations. The findings of this project emphasize the importance of understanding the role of culture in times of crisis and how it can be used to bring about new and innovative forms of expression.

Snapshot from de_fog (2023)
virtual reality installation in unity engine • ~120 seconds

In this multimedia installation made in collaboration with the multidisciplinary Digital Nostalgia group, we explore the transitory nature of digital media from within the new media. The virtual reality environment of “de_fog” is an experience representing a liminal space in time. Every object and character represents the research of one of the members of the Digital Nostalgia group. The project named “Doomed” is a speculative piece that explores the transitory nature of digital media.

de_fog artifacts (2023)
video installation on a crt display played on a Sony Playstation 3 • 155 seconds
Radio Ruins: Lost and Sound exhibition (2022)
Guest editor: Stanisław Liguziński
Curation: Martina Raponi, Belle Phromchanya, Eden Mitsenmacher
Time is the New Space, Rotterdam

Radio Ruins: Lost and Sound is a multimedia installation that explores the materiality of sound and its journey through time, space and media. The radio broadcast was guided by an external guest editor, in collaboration with the WdKA’s Sound Studio, and Operator Radio. The exhibition features a collection of modified thrift store cassette tapes, each containing a unique sonic experiment, as well as a radio broadcast featuring the collective’s research. The exhibition invites visitors to engage with the materiality of sound as it travels through multiple formats, and to consider the ways in which sound affects objects and bodies. Through listening and exploring, visitors discovered the stories behind these sounds, and the creative and imaginative ways in which the collective has used the medium of sound to engage with the past, present and future.