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  • (IM)PERMANENT • 2022-

    (IM)PERMANENT • 2022-

    The production of cultural artifacts, which go beyond what is immediately visible and transcend linear and finite notions of time, serves to document our present and provide a testament to future generations. Through this process, we can create a real-time record of our current society that will persist beyond the scope of our own lives. […]

  • Post-Dam Forest • 2022-

    Post-Dam Forest • 2022-

    When we hear the words “city” and “water” together, most of us conjure up images of harbors, dams or floating structures. We grew up in places where people exercised their control over nature. It is a phenomenon that has brought us this far. Yet we are now beginning to realize that our way of life […]

  • We Are Data • 2021 –

    We Are Data • 2021 –

    DS1, JB1, MV1, NB1, TR1, VS1, AS1, GJ1, KM1, NL1, LR1, CR1, NV1, AV1, PT1, RD1, TH1, BL1, FG1, MD1, TL1, MO1, KP1, KP2, TK1, JH1, BB1, AK1, DL1, KV1, PM1, OS1, NV2, QV1, DS2, RM1, TS1, TT1, VS2, GJ2 (2021-2022)acrylic on paper • 21×29,7cm In the digital age of now, humans are neither represented […]

  • Heart Work Heroes • 2022

    Heart Work Heroes • 2022

    Heart Work Heroes is the largest open-air exhibition of healthcare in the Netherlands, featuring over 41 statues adorned by local artists, scattered throughout Rotterdam. The exhibition seeks to show appreciation for healthcare workers in a positive and colorful way. The design ‘Ovation’, which won an art competition, was placed in a guest spot for an […]

  • Poetry International • 2022

    Poetry International • 2022

    in mij sleept een slak zich prehistorisch kalmterug naar het begin en een mens zich naar het einde; geen van beideis in zicht, alleen dit tijdelijke midden. Excerpt from “Midden” by Marjolein van Heemstra From June 10th to 12th, the 52nd Poetry International Festival opened its doors to celebrate poetry with renowned poets from across […]

  • Blok • 2021 –

    Blok • 2021 –

    The ongoing painting series “Blok” was created during the global quarantine, drawing inspiration from wandering thoughts and dreams. This collection reflects a mental limbo, a liminal place of transition and self-reflection which both physically and mentally encompasses a limited space. Stojanowicz’s pixelated black-and-white paintings visualize the idea of a “grey, concrete apartment complex,” a place […]

  • Mark It Down • 2021

    Mark It Down • 2021

    Art should be accessible to everyone, and this goal can be achieved by bringing creators and viewers together in a visual-spatial interaction. The “Mark It Down” mural initiative, realized on a 1,200m2 surface at Rhôneweg in Amsterdam, was made possible through a collaborative effort between Sikkens, the MAKERSTOREN, and a collective of international artists. Press […]

  • D.O.M. • 2021

    D.O.M. • 2021

    A3 Risograph prints on 160 gsm acid-free, heavy-weight paper are available in an edition of 100, consisting of 50 prints on white paper and 50 prints on orange paper. Each print is signed and numbered. Available in the Shop.

  • Rotterdam & Water Mural • 2019

    Rotterdam & Water Mural • 2019

    A commissioned mural by Stichting Rotterdam City Dressing, depicting Rotterdam’s relationship with water, can be found at Polslandstraat in Rotterdam.

  • Painting Archive •  2019 – 2021

    Painting Archive • 2019 – 2021

    Khorovod • 2020 – 2021 An archival collection of my past figurative works, entitled Khorovod, is inspired by dream logic, the unconscious mind, and blurry digital photos of parties. Exhibited in “Filling the Void” online group show and the “Nextile” pop-up show. Portraits 2020 Portraits 2019